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Start a Successful Daily Deal Website

Sell Deals, Build Leads, and Grow Your Dream Daily Deal Business

✔  100% white label for your daily deal website.
✔  No technical knowledge whatsoever required.
✔  We host. You sell. Go live in 30 minutes.

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1. Create a Group Buying Deal

2. Customize Your Website Theme

3. Start Selling and Tracking Your Deals
(for established companies/agencies)
(for full-time operations)
(for one-man operations)
Subscribers 50,000 20,000 5,000
SMS/Twilio Integration BETA
Import Email Lists -
Referral Program -
Customized RSS Feeds - -
SendGrid Integration - -
MailChimp Integration - -
  US$299.95/mo US$99.95/mo US$49.95/mo

Pays for Itself with 1 Successful Deal. Try Free for 15 Days!

*Common Essential Features across All Plans

✔  Map your own domain name to your website, 100% white-label branding
✔  No transaction fees/listing fees/setup fees/sales quotas/etc.
✔  Web hosting and server management provided (99% uptime)
✔  Real-time customer support via email, live chat, and Facebook
✔  Run unlimited daily deals as often as you want
✔  Run initial payment deals and free deals with multiple deal options
✔  Support unlimited locations via location management portal
✔  Support unlimited merchants via merchant management portal
✔  Allow merchants to post/edit/delete deals to increase automation
✔  Allow merchants to log in and view transactions and indicate redemptions
✔  Mobile-optimized version for better mobile browsing experience
✔  Offer promo codes during shopping seasons to drive viral marketing
✔  PayPal Website Payments Standard/Pro integration for group buying
✔  Analytics dashboard to track page views, conversion rates, and revenues
✔  Integrate YouTube and SlideShare media in your deal pages
✔  Integrate with custom CSS and Javascript (e.g. ClickTale, Olark, VWO)
✔  SEO-optimized custom pages (e.g. FAQ, Terms, Privacy Policy)
✔  Upload and use unlimited custom images for your custom pages
✔  Export any or all data anytime as .CSV documents
✔  Automatic scheduled daily deal emails according to your time zone
✔  Automatic email reporting for each daily deal email marketing campaign
✔  Integration with Facebook (log ins, Like box, Comments) and Twitter


General Overview

What is Zuupy CrowdDeals?

Zuupy CrowdDeals is a daily deal platform. You can create your own customized group buying website with no technical know-how and promote your deals on Facebook, Twitter, and through daily deal emails. Group buying is a business model that allows merchants to offer discounts only when a minimum number of buyers have committed to purchase. Consumers thus save money by leveraging their large numbers to obtain exclusive discounts while merchants get to acquire new customers at a fraction of the usual cost.

Why should I choose Zuupy CrowdDeals?

Zuupy CrowdDeals offers the usual daily deal platform features, including multiple locations, multiple merchants, multiple categories, subscriber list segmentation, daily emails, custom CSS/Javascript code, hosting on a custom domain name, etc. However, Zuupy CrowdDeals has several unique benefits: 1) radical simplicity of user interface to save you time and trouble, 2) quick and effective customer support (try us!), and 3) no hidden costs or commissions-per-transaction. We offer you a simple, decent solution for you to get started with ease -- we have the most-quickly-understandable, least-overwhelming solution out there, period.

What is the learning curve and maintenance effort like?

Your group buying website and deals can be set up within minutes. All we need is for you to fill in the deal information, such as product details, offer price, buyer target, terms and conditions, etc., customize your website theme to match your branding, and then you can start promoting your deals using a custom URL or your own domain name. Everything else from thereon is auto-pilot.

Can I use Zuupy CrowdDeals to run a website like Woot.com?

Yes. We support two types of websites: group buying websites and daily deal websites. With the former, you would be selling deals for brick-and-mortar merchants on commission. The deals often have a tipping point (minimum number of buyers) and are usually redeemed offline using printable vouchers. With the latter, you would also be selling deals provided by third-party online merchants, but they often have no tipping point and are to be redeemed online.

Can I use Zuupy CrowdDeals with an online store or blog?

Certainly. Although Zuupy CrowdDeals is mainly used to run an independent group buying website, it can be used with an online store, a blog, a community portal, etc. to magnify existing social media campaigns or monetize a niche audience. We support both iframe and Javascript for integration of daily deals with your existing website.

Platform Overview

Can I use my own domain name with my daily deal website?

Yes. You can use your own domain name and customize your website to remove all branding and references to Zuupy CrowdDeals. Zuupy CrowdDeals is a white-label platform, and we do not sustain ourselves through advertising on your daily deal website.

How do I track how well my deals are performing?

We have a simple analytics dashboard that lets you track the page views, number of sales transactions, conversion rates, and total sales value associated with each deal. You can also integrate Google Analytics, a free yet powerful tool to track all your metrics that matter, such as traffic sources and most popular content.

How do I collect payments from successful deals?

We currently support PayPal Website Payments Standard and Pro for the disbursement of funds. However, your buyers can choose to pay via PayPal or debit/credit card. Your shoppers would pay directly to you (we do not act as a middleman in collecting payments), and your shoppers' debit/credit card numbers, billing, shipping, and other sensitive information do not go through our hands at all.

How do vouchering and redemption work?

We provide printable white-label vouchers for all free trial and paid customers. These vouchers are customized with your logo to provide a consistent brand experience. During and after the tipping point of a deal, each buyer will be emailed this white-label voucher together with instructions to print it out. On the merchant side of things, we provide simple documentation to help merchants to understand the vouchering and redemption process.

Who handles payments to the merchants when deals end?

Generally, you. However, if you run an initial payment deal (which our platform supports), the buyer is responsible for paying the merchant's share directly to the merchant during redemption.

Pricing and Strategic Overview

What is the pricing of Zuupy CrowdDeals?

We offer full-feature 15-day free trials that can be upgraded to full accounts by opting for one of our plans, starting from only US$49.95 a month. There is no lock-in period, and you can cancel anytime. Our paid customers also enjoy priority in customer support and feature requests.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

We pride ourselves in answering emails within 1 working day with real solutions. Also, we release features that you need weekly, based on what our users and customers tell us. Just tell us a feature you need, and we will try to have it up when we have our weekly releases.

I want more information. How do I contact you?

Click here to drop us a quick line. We will get back to you within 1 working day.

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